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Project Manager
Команда форума
Project Manager

1. General Rules of Forum

1.1. If you don't know our rules it doesn't mean that you are absolve from responsibility of violation it. After registration and communication on our forum you are agree with rules automatically.
1.2. Our team monitoring forum/members/actions/conversations and may interfere in some cases based on forum rules.
1.3. We can correct this rules in anytime and instantly report about it in this topic.
1.4. Theme or message wrote by any user is the property of community - not of creator.
1.5. Themes must be created in relevant sections with relevant prefix.
1.6. For fast solve of your problem contact in relevant section and write more detail your problem.
1.7. Heading must be created concrete with essence of issue - without emotions.
1.8. Forbidden using of several accounts and administration misleading.

2. Forbidden actions on forum General Rules of Forum

2.1. Forbidden - obvious or hidden insult of administration/players/users and another community of project.
2.2. Forbidden - actions of desctructive character.
2.3. Forbidden - creating topics which has: filthy language/CAPS/translit.
2.4. Forbidden - flood and spam/writings with one word in line/writing all words in top register/repeating of one line/adv and anti-adv/more than one creating of themes which has no sense/creating topic in not relevant sections.
2.5. Forbidden - real life threat to administration or players.
2.6. Forbidden - publication of messages/avatars/screenshots/pictures/signatures which has text/picture violating rules of forum/server or rules of russian federation.
2.7. Forbidden - Non-constructive criticism of the project. It haven't anything useful for project development and decreasing of advertising or impression of new players.
2.8. Forbidden - publication of private conversations with administration.
2.9. Forbidden - directly or hidden to advertise any outside project. Database or links for useful information is alloved.
2.10. Forbidden - writings from players about leaving project or group which leaving from the server and also recruiting another players to leave the project.
2.11. Forbidden - discussion of punishment established by administration (to appeal it - please contact with administration of project).
2.12. Forbidden - using of "translit" on forum.
2.13. Forbidden - spam of harmful links.
2.14. Forbidden - provocation administration or users/players for agressive talking or create disputes.
2.15. Forbidden - publication of one question - few or more times. If you haven't answer so you are not ignored and administration busy by more important work and need wait a bit more. Have patience.
2.16. Forbidden - offers any deals with real money and any not in-game goods.
2.17. Forbidden - sharing private information of administration project without they agree.

3. General game rules of

3.1. Ignorance of the rules of project does't relieve player from responsibility.
3.2. The administration of project always has right to make changes of rules project without notifying players and explaining reasons for that.
3.3. The administration of project always can refuse players to unban without giving any reasons even if player has already donated on his account.
3.4. Administration can't be on the side of 1th/2nd/3rd player etc.. All players are equal in administration eyes.
3.5. Administration of project categorically against any kind of fraud on game servers.
3.6. Every case of fraud considered apart.
3.7. Full rights on ownership of account (including game characters on it) has only player which created it and administration of the server.
3.8. Administration of project can block all game accounts which intruder has access.
3.9. Submit an application to unban account or character can only owner of account. Administration can change they decision without any explanation.
3.10. Administration can refuse to players which did not use service of linking their accounts to ip/hwid.

4. Prohibited game actions on project

4.1. Selling\Trading* attemp to Selling\Trading characters\game values from another projects/games.
4.2. Buying/Selling* attemp to Buying/Selling offer for Buying/Selling any game values or offers any services on project for real money.
4.3. Buying/Selling or attemp for Buying/Selling or offer for Buying/Selling clans.
4.4. Intentional/unintentional mention of projects providing services for the selling/purchasing of game valuables for real money(adena stores).
4.5. buying/selling/exchanging - transactions outside the game chat/forum (skype\icq\vk\fb\instagram etc...).
4.6. Automation of the gameplay in any form (match\macro\special keyboard or mouse).
4.7. Using of any third-party software (Bot/Clicker/Radar/Scripts etc..).
4.8. Hacking players in any form. Violation of this paragraph is punishable by banning all accounts (unlocking is not available).
4.9. Stealing/scam items from another character without knowledge of real owner(even if you have full access from character).
4.10. Posing as a member of the project team (GM\Administrator\Moderator etc...).
4.11. Dissemination of false information about administration of the project/team members and also about the project.
4.12. Insult and mistreatment to Administration/members of the project team.
4.13. Insults or filthy language in hero-chat.
4.14. Agitation or incitement of other players.
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